New partnership | easyJet

New partnership | easyJet
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G Air Training Centre and easyJet, Europe’s leading airline, have started a partnership to select, train and provide top-end pilot graduates to be the future co-pilots and Captains of the airline.

G Air was selected by easyJet after an assessment process that began in the end of 2015 and was concluded in June 2016, after assessments of G Air’s training system and pilot quality.
Through this new partnership, G Air aims to:

  • Continuously improve students’ training reflecting the standards and needs
    of its airline partners;
  • Better prepare its graduates in the beginning of their aviation career;
  • Increase the job opportunities to its graduates.

In the following months the first G Air graduates selected under the partnership will start specific training with easyJet in order to become future co-pilots of the airline and, simultaneously, new graduates will join the partnership program after training and selection with G Air.



“Alongside my flight training, G Air helped me to prepare for what would be my first job interview and a great career opportunity. Meeting easyJet in Luton was a great experience. I came to know great professionals that are passionate about their job, people who are very friendly and approachable and that from the beginning made me feel totally at ease.”

Tiago Madeira, one of easyJet’s selected G Air graduates



“After being select to join the first batch of 12 G Air graduates for the easyJet program, G Air’s Psychology Department helped me to prepare for the easyJet assessment. I believe that this guidance, my Airline Preparation Course and all my flight training, allowed me to be totally confidante and as a result to be selected by easyJet.”

Ricardo Pêgo, one of easyJet’s selected G Air graduates


“We are very excited with our partnership with easyJet. It will allow G Air to learn and better align its training to the airline needs, developing and training our students to become top-class pilots, precisely what easyJet is seeking to support its long term strategy and growth as an European leader airline.

Nelson Ferreira, Senior Vice-President | G Air Training Centre

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