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G Air Training Centre, leader in aeronautical training in Portugal, has signed a cooperation agreement with the YAKSTARS Display Team.

With this partnership, G Air will support the activity of the Display Team in national and international aerobatic events. Simultaneously, the Display Team will collaborate with G Air Training Center by supporting the UPSET recovery training of its flight instructor team and pilot students. The aerobatic team will also hold workshops to G Air’s Airline Pilot students, deepening themes related to aerobatic flying and UPSET recovery.

Nelson Ferreira, Senior Vice President | G Air Training Center:

“This partnership is very important to ensure that our students have the highest standards of training in abnormal flight situations. With the experience of these pilots G Air Training Center further enriches its training team and methodology.”

About the Yakstars

The YAKSTARS are the first aerobatic display team with 3 aircraft in the history of civil aviation in Portugal. The team is made up of three Yak 52 aircraft of Soviet origin, equipped with a 9-cylinder Vedeneyev M14P radial engine of 360/400 hp, tandem cockpit layout, retractable tricycle landing gear and internal flaps. The Yak 52 has an inverted fuel and oil system, allowing the inverted flight for two uninterrupted minutes, and a very original and unique look, with excellent maneuverability. The sound of the engine is extremely characteristic, being one of the main brand images.


Pedro Cerveira Pinto

Pedro has 36 years of aeronautical experience, having accumulated over 20,000 flight hours on 130 different aircraft. He qualified as an operational fighter pilot in the Portuguese Air Force and was assigned to the 303rd Squadron “Tigers” at the Lajes Air Base, in the Azores Islands, flying the FIAT G.91.

In 1987 he was admitted to TAP Portugal and is currently an Airbus A330/A340 Captain. He also collaborated with G Air as an MCC instructor for 10 years.

Fernando Marinho Pereira

Fernando was an operational pilot in the 301st Tiger Squadron 301 of the Portuguese Air Force, flying the FIAT G.91, and also an advanced and combat instructor in the 103rd Squadron ‘EIPAC’ flying the Alpha Jet. He was also part of the aerobatic team “Asas de Portugal”. He later joined TAP Portugal where he is currently Captain and cumulatively Pilot Examiner (TRE) and Instructor (TRI) on the Airbus A319/320/321.

It is, simultaneously, an air race and aerobatic pilot and also a general aviation instructor. He has participated in more than 150 air shows on countless aircraft.

Jorge Fachadas

Jorge flew several airplanes and helicopters in the Portuguese Air Force and participated in operational missions such as Search and Rescue and the UN Peacekeeping in East Timor. He was a flight instructor at the Air Force Academy. Still during his days at the PoAF, he participated in several campaigns to fight forest fires.

In 2005 he became an airline pilot and is currently a TAP Portugal Captain in the Airbus A320 fleet, with more than 8,500 flight hours. He has flown 31 different types of aircraft and since 2007 has participated in more than 200 airshows with several aircraft, having been part of the national team in the European and World Aerobatic Championships and being, several times, national champion in the Advanced category. He made the famous crossing of the North Atlantic in a Twinbeech C-45 Expeditor from the World War II.

He was one of the founders of the ‘Smoke Wings’ aerobatic team, the first Portuguese civilian aerobatic team, with two Yak 52.

About G Air Training Centre

G Air Training Center is an airline pilot training school with more than 37 years of experience. Market leader in Portugal and with training bases and representations in Dubai, the Netherlands, Italy and the United Kingdom. In Portugal it has training bases at the Cascais Municipal Airport and a unique international training centre in Ponte de Sor, with capacity to train up to 400 pilots per year and unique conditions for flight training.

Throughout its history, it has formed thousands of professionals who are now flying in worldwide major airlines, having strong partners in aviation, such as Emirates Aviation University, easyJet, Alpha Aviation (Air Arabia), among others, and in higher aeronautical education, having cooperation protocols with various national and international universities.

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