Centre of Aviation English


The Centre of Aviation English was created following the recommendation of various national and international organisations, and after receiving the approval of INAC. It’s mission is to train pilots to reach the highest level of competency in aviation English, which is obligatory for their profession.

In association with the respected Mayflower College Institute, we administer the diagnostic test (b-TEA, Benchmark-Test of English for Aviation), as well as the officially certificated TEA test (Test of English for Aviation), which are officially recognised by INAC, as well as various Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide.

The Centre of Aviation English is also approved by ANAC, (the Brazilian CAA) as the only test centre outside Brazil with the approval to deliver the Santos Dumont English Assessment, which must be sat by all Brazilian pilots.


Aviation English Exams

  • Diagnostic Tests (Aviation English and General English)
  • Certification Exam

– Test of English Aviation (TEA)
– Santos Dumont English Assessment (Brazilian license holders)

 Aviation English Training

  • Aviation English for Pilots & ATCs

– Level 3 to 4
– Level 4 to 5
– Preparation Modules for the final exams
– Climb Level 4 (online course)
– One-to-one tuition

  • Cabin Crew
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technicians
  • Flight Dispatchers
  • Ground Staff

General English Training

  • Speaking Lessons
  • Preparation for Interviews
  • Preparation for Meetings and Presentations
  • Customer Service

 Promotional Packages

  • Aviation English for Beginners
  • The Best of Both Worlds